Hours and Fees:

Consulting Hours:

I offer therapy appointments on specific weekdays and generally within office hours. After making contact I will be able to advise what times/days are currently available.   As I have a very busy caseload, you will need to be flexible regarding appointment times, and understand that appointments outside school hours are scarce.

Appointments normally last for 50 minutes, however, if a half or double appointment would be more appropriate this can be arranged and would be charged pro rata.

**Please note that I offer consultancy/therapy services during school term times, and am not available during school holidays.  I will be able to give you notice of these breaks well in advance, and we can schedule your treatment accordingly.**

Fees and Payment:

Treatment can be financed through Private Health Insurance, and I am registered with most providers.  Please ensure you have made contact with your insurance provider prior to starting treatment, as they may wish a referral via a Psychiatrist or have a specific limit on the number of appointments they will fund.  It is important that you get an authorisation code from your provider before treatment starts. 

Clients can also finance treatment individually, and sessions can be paid for at the time, or invoiced monthly via email.  Please contact me for current session rates.  

Court Reports:

Court work is charged at a standard hourly rate, and a full estimate of costs (appropriate for SLAB) can be given provided after you have contacted me about an appropriate instruction.